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First Mates Marine

Mckee Craft Boats - The Unsinkable

First Mates Marine is proud to announce that we are a new dealer for Mckee Craft boats! Located in Fairmont, NC, the legendary boat builder has resumed building boats from 14' to 28'. The molds are being cleaned and waxed, and they are starting to produce the unsinkable McKee Craft boats once again! First Mates Marine will have inventory starting 2024 and continue to grow our inventory as new boats hit the production line!

For production schedule, new order requests, or more information, contact Jason at 843-212-7988,, or click the button below.    The Unsinkable - McKee Craft Boats

The McKee Craft Difference:

1. Mckee has been in business for over fifty years. With over 30,000 boats built and over 1,500 used in commercial and law enforcement.


2. Small family-owned business, with 3 generations involved in the building and development of the boats.


3. 100% unsinkable construction on all models.


4. The "PBS" (Pressure Bonding System) is totally unique to Mckee Craft. This is a unique method of construction that allows the strength of the deck to combine with the strength of the hull, complimenting each other, resulting in the most rugged hulls in the industry.


5. The "PBS" system Mckee Craft utilizes is a method of injecting polyurethane foam that expands to 50 times its original volume in less than a minute. The combination of heat and intense pressure chemically and mechanically bonds every square inch of the hull to every square inch of the deck. The two pieces become one integral part.


6. The "PBS" system's added rigidity greatly reduces hull noise, stress cracking, and minimizes hull flex in rough seas.


7. To properly secure factory installed equipment, 316 stainless screws and high strength composite backing materials such as 1/2" thick polyethylene or aluminum plating are utilized thru-out Mckee Craft's construction.


8. Mckee Craft boats exceed CG requirements with up to 3 times the flotation used in regular boat construction.


9. The foamed boat is allowed to cure overnight in the mold. Many manufacturers have already built 2 boats out of the same mold in that time frame. This is why McKee Craft's strength and dimensional stability is like no other boat on the market.


10. McKee Craft does not use wood or composite stringer systems but uses its "PBS" system to construct a virtually one-piece hull and deck system that exceeds the strength of conventional hull and deck construction. 

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