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Our Story.

Rumble in the Jungle

Working 7 years together for a marine dealer, we noticed areas of the boat industry that lacked a joint customer service approach. With recent changes in this industry, we knew it was time to make a new impression yet to be offered.


Individually, we bring marketing and sales, operations and service, and certified CMA backgrounds to our team. Jason has been in marine sales for 8 years at two different dealers, Joe has served in General Manager, Parts Manager, and Service Manager roles for 16 years at the same marine dealer, and Janice has served as Comptroller and Finance Manager for the same dealer for 12 years.


Our strength is in our work history together. With that strength we have seen a need to offer a new level of customer service through every phase of boat ownership. "Under one roof", we offer a convenient hand to help maintain boats, provide financing for new and used boats through a local trusting staff, and are prepared to set the tone for a used boat market ready to explode. Thus, our motto, All Hands on Deck, was born. We are here to help you with the traditional hard parts of boat ownership. At First Mates we know how to make boat ownership easy so that we can create more memories on the water with each boat you purchase. 

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