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First Mates Marine is proud to announce that we are a new dealer for FiberCraft Boats! At FiberCraft, we proudly uphold a tradition of boat building that spans five generations. Our origins are deeply intertwined with the rich heritage of coastal skiff design, boasting over half a century of expertise. With unwavering dedication, we have harnessed this legacy to create a timeless and cost-efficient rolled gunwale that is a testament to our quality and innovation. Our boats are engineered to be lightweight, ensuring they move effortlessly across the water and are a breeze to clean. FiberCraft has brought significant enhancements to the classic coastal skiff, making it a perfect companion for shallow waters along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, granting anglers access to prime fishing locations. With a range that includes Vee Hulls, FiberCraft offers versatility, enabling your adventure, whether in calm or rougher waters. We are also dedicated to providing anglers with an advantage for freshwater fishing. Our no-frills models make marine adventures affordable for the everyday angler.

For production schedule, new order requests, or more information, contact Jason at 843-212-7988,, or click the button below.    Fibercraft Boats – Speed and reliability in one form

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